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Our President is Ignorant and Racist

Our President is Ignorant and Racist

A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King Jr., April 4, 1967

Since MEJO formed in 2006, people from many other countries, including some President Trump called “shitholes” have worked with us on environmental justice issues.

Each and every one of these people—from African countries, Laos, Thailand, Mexico and others—has brought invaluable knowledge, expertise, skills, passion, and diverse cultural perspectives that enrich and improve our community and environmental work.

To our MEJO colleagues from other countries: THANK YOU for all that you have contributed to our work and to the community!!!

Mr. Trump should apologize, but he never will. He is too immature for that.  So all we can do is apologize to you that our country’s President is a racist and ignorant man.

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