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MEJO supports efforts to stop Menards sales of toxic vinyl flooring

Menards to end sales of flooring with toxic chemical, thanks to pressure from enviro groups including MEJO

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, Menards joins other retailers in dropping products with the toxic chemical phthalates. MEJO joined a number of other groups in Wisconsin in asking Menards to do so, as part of a Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families national campaign.

Menards joins other retailers in dropping products with toxic chemical

Menards said Wednesday it would stop selling vinyl flooring containing a toxic chemical — an apparent response to a public-relations campaign to pressure the Eau Claire-based company to join other retailers and end its use of the product.

Menards said it planned to stop selling any products containing phthalates (pronounced “tha-layts”) at its home improvement stores by the end of year.

The toxic chemical compound has been banned by federal regulators from many children’s products, but not flooring. The chemical has been linked to an array of reproductive and development problems in humans. More…


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