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“Invisible People, Invisible Risks”

In the new MIT Press book, Technoscience and Environmental Justice: Expert Cultures in a Grassroots Movement, the Midwest Environmental Justice Organization (MEJO) chronicles its Madison effort to raise local awareness of toxins in locally caught fish and the two-year odyssey to convince public officials to place fish consumption advisory signs at popular shoreline fishing spots.

The story is chronicled in the chapter titled, “Invisible People, Invisible Risks: How Scientific Assessments of Environmental Health Risks Overlook Minorities—and How Community Participation Can Make Them Visible by Maria Powell, PhD and Jim Powell, with Ly V. Xiong, Kazoua Moua, Jody Schmitz, Benito Juarez Olivas, and VamMeej Yang, and is part of the book Technoscience and Environmental Justice.

Excerpts from the book and more:

Invisible People, Invisble Risks – MEJO chapter in Technoscience and EJ


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